Phytoverm, natural dewormer



Our Phytoverm food supplement (in 200ml) is formulated with extracts of thyme and garlic, for a better intestinal comfort.

This food complements comes in the form of a liquid solution, easy to administer thanks to its measuring cap.

Why use it?

Helps intestinal comfort and prevent diseases from external aggressions.
Suitable for dogs and puppies older than 3 months. Also suitable for cats and kittens over 3 months old

Directions for use:

Shake before use. Mix with food once a day. It is not recommended to exceed the daily doses. Phytoverm is not a substitute for a diet. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from light. Suitable for puppies over 3 months old. Give 5 ml for 5kg of live weight.

Phytoverm have to be given mixed with the daily ration, between 2 dewormers, during 7 consecutive days. To renew every 3 months


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