PHYTOMALT, Hairballs



Our PHYTOMALT food supplements (in 200ml) is formulated with Malt and Paraffin, to help eliminate and prevent the formation of hairballs, while providing a better digestive comfort.
Actions :
  • eliminates ingested hair and prevents constipation
  • helps to optimize the intestinal flora balance
  • helps prevent the formation of new hairballs

This food complements comes in the form of a liquid solution, easy to administer thanks to its measuring cap.

Why use it?

Ideal for cats “suffering” from hairballs.
Convenient for kittens over 6 months.

Directions for use:

Shake before use.
Mix 2.5 ml of product with the animal’s food once a day.
1 to 2 months renewable treatment.
PHYTOMALT is not a substitute for a varied diet or drug treatments.


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