Pure boar bristle brush



Our Ergolance pure boar bristle brush has a natural wood handle and boar bristles with multiple benefits.
Actions :
  • antistatic
  •  gently toned
  • eliminates impurities
  • gently massage the skin
  • allows the circulation of natural oils of the coat
  • brush gently without damaging the coat
  • gives volume
  • revives the natural brightness
 BIOGANCE’ advantages:

Its ergonomic shape offers a better comfort and a better grip.

For which coat ?

Fine hairs, long and medium length.

Directions for use:

On dry hairs, brush daily your dog and cat for a smooth smoothing. Brush in the direction of the coat, from the withers to the tail, under the belly and along the legs.

Cleaning: Clean the brush with a little shampoo, rub and rinse. Dry in a towel and leave in the open air until the next brushing.



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