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Contrary to what is often believed, the flea does not live permanently on the animal. It is most of the time on the ground, in carpets, floors, cushions … In reality, the flea jumps on the animal only to feed. Only 5% of fleas are found on your pet compared to 95% in the environment as eggs, larvae and pupae.
It is therefore essential to treat the environment of your animal in advance so that your action is effective. The capacity of the spray is 500ml.
  • Helps eliminate harmful insects and their larvae from your pet’s environment safely.
  • Prevents infestations
BIOGANCE’ advantages:

Biospotix insect repellent spray is a natural repellent based on geraniol essential oils.

For which insects?

Also suitable for aviaries birds and backyard, this spray acts on mites and red lice present in poultry environment

Directions for use:

Shake before use, spray infested surfaces at a distance of 30 cm.For optimum efficiency, treat the corners of your henhouse which are the privileged hiding spots of these parasites (such as dark places, under nests, cages, near excrement …).

Tip: Vacuum regularly to remove fleas and larvae deposited on the ground.Avoid the mop because water and moisture provide an conducive environment to the development of larvae.


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