Moulting Activator Spray

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Our activating spray for moulting (250ml) is a no rinse care enriched with Organic Brown Algae, Maca and Small Holly. This spray allows the fall of the dead hair and restores radiance and brightness to the new coat.
Actions :
  • accelerates the natural process of moulting
  • stimulating and regenerating properties
  • allows the regrowth of a healthy and fortified hair for your animal

Its formula is paraben free and with neutral pH.

For which coat?

Suitable for all types of coat during molting.
Suitable for dogs and cats that lose daily and abundantly their hair.
Suitable also for puppies and kittens.

Directions for use:

Shake before use.
Spray 15-20 cm apart on the entire coat every 2 days during phase of moulting.
Brush in order to spread the product more effectively and help remove dead hair.
Can be used daily to restore radiance and brightness.
Avoid contact with the eyes.

2 reviews for Moulting Activator Spray

  1. lemaire

    Idéal quand on ne peut pas shampouiner son toutou tous les jours. un indispensable ici ! Permet de se débarrasser du poil mort et rêche et le remplacer par un poil tout doux !

  2. Jennifer Zucchelli (verified owner)

    Le meilleur ami des maîtres.sses ayant un chien qui fait de sacrées mues ! Je l’utilise depuis bientôt deux avec en complément le shampoing, il est très efficace pour brosser le poil et retirer le poil mort lié à la mue.

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